How Outsourcing Your Payroll Can Save Your Small Business Money

17 August 2015
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As a small-business owner you have to try to keep costs down in order to grow your business. In order to keep costs down, you should consider hiring a payroll service, like one from Waggoner Frutiger & Daub CPA's. These services will keep costs lower than if you try to handle your payroll yourself. Employment Costs Hiring an outside payroll service lowers your employment costs. If you were to hire an in-house employee to handle payroll for you, that employee may not stick around. Read More 

Starting A New Business? Make Sure You Hire The Right Type Of Accountant Service

12 August 2015
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If you are just starting your own business, you are going to need the assistance of an accountant at some point to make sure that all of your financial affairs are in order. However, not all accountants or accounting services are the same. Here are the three main types of accounting services that your small business may need at some point:  Bookkeeping The first type of accounting service you are going to need to hire for your new small business is a bookkeeping service. Read More 

Small Business Tax Moves That You Need To Make Mid-Year

11 August 2015
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You may not think much about your business's current financial or tax situation during the summer. However, when you're halfway through with the year, it won't be long until you have to start looking at the incoming and outgoing expenses in your business. Therefore, this is the perfect time to brush up on your current situation and see what steps you need to take as you move forward through the rest of this year. Read More 

Why It Is Important For Small Businesses To Choose Between The Cash Or Accrual Method Early On

10 August 2015
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If you own a small business, there is a good chance that you are doing the book keeping yourself. Many start-up companies choose to do their own accounting to save money. Even though it is probably better for your company to hire a professional, if you prepare your books properly from the start, you should be able to successfully manage your own finances. One of the most important things is choosing early on if you will use the cash method or accrual method. Read More 

The Types of Accountants

7 August 2015
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Doing your taxes is never fun. Sifting through a massive pile of paperwork to try to make heads or tails of the tax code is not only infuriating, but can also end up costing you quite a bit of money if you miss something. To make your life easier, you should consider hiring an accountant. Here are some tips to help you decide which kind of accountant you need. What Service Do You Need? Read More