Estate Planning Essentials For Organizing A Large Estate

28 June 2018
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Having your estate in order is a very important task. Many people's estates are in disarray, and a significant number will not realize this by the time they pass on. This will leave their families with the difficult task of figuring out what assets and debts they had and how these will be divided. Wills and Trusts These are some of the most important parts of estate planning. Without a will, you have no control over who gets what after you die. Read More 

Tax Season Is Over, But Now There’s AUDIT Season! How To Prepare, Just In Case

30 April 2018
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As audit firms gear up around the nation to handle government audit loads, taxpayers are quaking in their boots. Nobody wants to go through an audit, especially when you just received a refund. Thankfully, audits are not as random as being selected for a pat-down at the airport. In the event that you do receive a notice that you have been selected for an audit, here is how to prepare for it. Read More