Can You Claim Another Adult On Your Taxes? Two Ways

23 March 2022
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Do you provide the home and care for another adult? If so, you may be able to get additional tax benefits when you file your income tax forms. How? By claiming the person or persons as dependents through either the qualifying child designation or the qualifying relative category. What do these mean? And how can you ensure you claim dependents correctly? Here's what you should know about both types of dependents. Read More 

Bookkeeping Services To Help You Keep Track Of Construction Finances

16 February 2022
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Keeping track of every dollar that you earn or spend can help you take control of your financial health. A company that provides bookkeeping services will tabulate earnings and costs that you incur and will assist with preparing your quarterly tax statements and annual revenue reports. Flexible Services  An independent contractor who works for themselves and a business owner who oversees several construction crews may have vastly different earning and spending patterns. Read More